【IRONMAN 铁人小教室】IRONMAN (铁人三项) 和 IRON MAN (钢铁人) 有什么关系吗?

【IRONMAN 铁人小教室】IRONMAN (铁人三项) 和 IRON MAN (钢铁人) 有什么关系吗?

【IRONMAN 铁人小教室】

Q:你知道 IRONMAN (铁人三项) 和 IRON MAN (钢铁人) 有什么关系吗?

A1963年Marvel漫画创造出 IRON MAN(#钢铁人)这个角色,而到了2008年作为漫威宇宙的首部超级英雄电影才开始爆红!

而 #IRONMAN铁人三项 的诞生是在在1978年的夏威夷,一群分别擅长游泳、骑车和跑步的耐力运动员,自夸谁才是最强悍的,争论不休之际,最后由当时美国海军军官约翰.科林斯 (John Collins)提议说:「何不游2.4英哩, 骑112 英哩, 跑26.2英哩,将三种耐力运动合成一场赛事?#完成的人可以炫耀一世人!」并公开宣称:「抵达终点的第一个人,我们就称他为 IRONMAN。」

IRONMAN 和 IRON MAN 都在各自领域获得巨大的成功,根据华尔街日报报导,IRONMAN铁人三项向Marvel支付版税,推测是因为IRON MAN(钢铁人)漫画发行早于 IRON MAN铁人三项。另外也有国外网站怀疑,协议内容包括Marvel不能在运动产业使用 IRON MAN。(不知道是不是这样Marvel Run似乎都没看到钢铁人的相关赠品?)

无论如何,如果想跟Tony Stark一样帅气地说:「I am IRON MAN.」(打响指) 一定一定一定要来参加 IRONMAN Taiwan,不只Brag for the rest of your life,在进入终点拱门更有主持人大声跟你说:「YOU~ ARE~ AN~ IRONMAN!!!!!」





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IRONMAN triathletes really are IRON MAN superheroes

To all IRONMAN triathletes: If there was ever any doubt that you really are an IRON MAN superhero too, you now have confirmation.

IRONMAN triathlon, pays royalties to Walt Disney Co.-owned Marvel for the use of the IRONMAN brand. Both IRONMAN brands are incredibly successful in their own right.

Marvel likely has more favorable terms under the license because the IRON MAN superhero came along first when the character was born in a comic book in 1963. The superhero then became a mega-hit following the first of three movies in 2008.

The IRONMAN triathlon started in Hawaii in 1978 following a debate among military athletes as to who were the fitter species – swimmers, cyclists, or runners. They decided to combine three established individual long distance races into one long distance triathlon event. Whoever finished first would be called the “Iron Man”. The race format and rules were clearly set: “Swim 2.4 miles! Bike 112 miles! Run 26.2 miles! Brag for the rest of your life“.

And we all know that in reality, when you hear “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN” as you cross the finish line, you think “YOU KNOW, IT’S MOMENTS LIKE THESE WHEN I REALIZE WHAT A SUPERHERO I AM.”